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CSU Admission 2015

Central, Eastern, Southern and Western Connecticut State Universities, plan to strengthen academic admission standards for students beginning with the 2015-16 academic year, in subjects including math, science, social studies, world language, STEM, humanities and the arts.
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Expect More. Achieve More.

A stronger educational foundation for all students in Connecticut - regardless of where they live, their economic circumstances, or their post-graduation plans - is vitally important. It is an effort that will take the cooperation and collaboration of parents, educators, community leaders, elected officials and students themselves.

Put simply, students and their families should expect more from their schools, and educators should expect more from their students. Experience tells us - time and again - that when expectations are raised, achievement tends to follow.

Defining New Standards for Admission and Success

The Connecticut State Universities have adopted new minimum standards for admission beginning with the incoming freshmen of 2015 at Central, Eastern, Southern and Western. These standards reflect the requirements of today's competitive global economy, the societal and workplace needs for critical thinking skills and core competencies, and the increased role of technological know-how in all aspects of life.

By raising the bar on requirements for admission to the four state universities, the universities are committed to supporting a quality education for all Connecticut students. The new standards are consistent with the state's revised requirements for high school graduation, as approved by the state legislature and State Board of Education.

Greater emphasis on college preparation and college completion is in the best interests of our students, state and nation.

New Requirements

The new requirements for admission to the four CSUS universities include:

An Investment in Connecticut's Future

Strengthening Admission Requirements If Connecticut is to thrive, and our young people are to advance, we must continue to invest in Connecticut's future. That means making the revisions necessary locally to prepare students to meet the new admission requirements, which will benefit not only those who apply to Central, Eastern, Southern or Western, but every student who graduates high school on whatever path they choose to pursue.

As the demands of 21st century careers have become more challenging, readiness to succeed is essential. Connecticut students must begin their preparation for college-level learning early in their school years. Efforts across our state aimed at improving college readiness - thus reducing the need for students to take remedial or developmental courses at the college level, which cost them both time and money - are key. CSUS is providing leadership by partnering with a number of local school districts and working directly with their teachers to better align learning expectations and curriculum in preparation for college.

The new CSUS admission standards, effective in 2015, are about preparing for tomorrow. By working together, Connecticut can set the pace.

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