Common Courses

The Connecticut Board of Regents for Higher Education recognizes that students' lives and interests are best served by improving access to information related to the transfer of academic credits, easing the transfer of applicable credits, and expanding options available to students to advance in their academic work.

Course Equivalency Tools

Use the links below to see which courses from institutions are available as transfer equivalencies

Common Courses

Specific courses taken at one institution will have designated equivalent courses at the other CSU institutions. The universities have designated nearly 100 common course equivalents in a wide range of academic disciplines at the lower division level. They include courses in more than 20 subject areas ranging from chemistry, biology and physics to economics, history, world language and mathematics. The courses are freshman and sophomore level ("lower division") courses meeting General Education requirements and serving as prerequisites for higher level courses in many majors.

Seamless Transfers

Work is currently underway to implement a seamless transfer and articulation plan across all 17 institutions. Board of Regents for Higher Education approved a seamless transfer and articulation agreement which will enable students to more easily transfer across the 17 Connecticut State Colleges & Universities.
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